Wayne Horne Earthmoving has continued to expand on their business, growing and updating their fleet of machinery on a regular basis.

This enables the business more flexibility and versatility for the client/customer, and also enables the business to adjust to any changes within the industry when required.


  • Machines ranging from 35t to 3.5t, used for excavation of site and building sites, trenching for pipe lines, dam construction, dam clean outs, drain and irrigation work, tree removal, stripping and levelling, excavation of roads.


  • One prime mover, which is used to float machinery to sites as required.
  • One Tipper, two truck and dogs, these are used for carting materials to site. The trucks hold approx. 10 cu/m in volume. Trailers hold an additional 8 cu/m.
  • One Flat Tray Truck to float small machinery and products. 10,000 ltr water truck. 6,000 ltr water truck, these are used mainly in the summer for dust suppression.


  • Two bobcats, for general earthworks, including pavements, site clean-ups.
  • One Track bobcat, mainly used for topsoiling and wetter ground.
  • A 930 IT Cat Loader and a 950B Cat Loader, these are used for loading of material, moving products around on site, and site clean-up.


A D6T Dozer 20tonne in weight, used for dam construction, site levelling, clearing.


  • 120h Grader – Road construction, site levelling, drain construction.
  • Padfoot Roller 14t Amman – Fill construction, level 1 and 2 filling and compaction, used in construction of larger dam walls, house and building pads.
  • Smooth Drum Roller 12t. – Compaction of crushed rock, road construction, building pads.

Machinery Attachments

  • Mud buckets, digging and trenching buckets
  • Breakers
  • Rippers
  • Sieve buckets
  • Log grab
  • Tree rake
  • Compacting plate
  • Compacting wheels
  • Augers